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I am an aspiring data analyst and an engineering graduate in Electrical Engineering. I am skilled in Python programming and I have completed Google Data Analytics Specialization certificate on Coursera as well. So, why I am writing this blog? To serve two purposes:
— To be able to document my learnings so that I can look back on it whenever needed.
— To share my learnings with others so that people like me have a handy and quick guide to look up to for applications, concepts as well as explanations for the ‘Why SQL works the way it works’ class of questions.

When I started learning SQL, I started with writing queries and thought that I would pick concepts on the go. However, after getting familiarized with many concepts, I realized that I could not apply those into problems as effectively as I thought I have learned them. Where did the issue lie? It lied in the lack of a strong theoretical foundation which would have helped me understand that why SQL works how it works. Although I found amazing blogs on the internet, but there were no comprehensive guides which not only explained the ins and outs of SQL but were also beginner-friendly. This blog is my attempt to bridge that gap.

Why Squirrel? Because they are a personal favorite, that’s it.

The idea is to keep updating the chapters as soon as I learn more on the topics. Please leave your comments to let me know if you have any thoughts/suggestions on any of the chapters.

I will update the references I use for each chapter. For SQL, a common reference (other than those mentioned with the respective chapters) will be this amazing book ‘Microsoft SQL Server 2016: A Beginner’s Guide’ by Dušan Petkovic which I am currently reading. It has helped me a lot to understand why SQL works the way it works! Apart from this, I am practicing SQL from Hackerrank to polish my skills further. Lets grab this data nut right now!

P.S. — I couldn’t find a better way to show a Table of contents elsewhere on medium so I will use this blog as a quick navigation page to any of the topics I publish.

Table of Contents (SQL):
1. SQL: Building Foundations
2. SQL: Normalization of Data
3. Baking SQL: Picking up the ingredients ( Coming up)
4. Baking SQL: Know the Recipe( Coming up)
5. Baking SQL: Perfecting the Elements ( Coming up)




Collecting data nuts, one at a time!

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The Data Squirrel

The Data Squirrel

Collecting data nuts, one at a time!

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